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Maharashtra E Pass | covid19mhpolice.in e pass

We gonna cover the topic Maharashtra E Pass in this article! If you reside in Mumbai, Maharashtra then you are aware of the worst situation created by the Covid-19 Virus. So to deal with the situation Government of Maharashtra has decided to take some of the crucial steps in order to stop the spread of Covid and to identify the persons who have been vaccinated. 

Maharashtra E Pass Online Portal | covid19mhpolice.in

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Maharashtra E Pass Online Portal

As you know we are suffering from low GDP across India. Many Workers have to move to their native due to lack of work and salary. For the last two years, 10% of People lost their Private Jobs in Corporate Companies. Many Startups had to shut down their companies. In order to tackle this pandemic, Maharashtra Government had taken a crucial step like E-Pass to travel across Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

Anybody who wants to generate the Maharashtra E-Pass can generate it online through the government online portal.

Maharashtra Lockdown E-Pass

In this lockdown, many people have already lost their lives. Many workers came back from cities to rural areas to their home town. If we want to get back to our previous normal life then we need to take some of the strict decision says Hand Wash, Mask Wear, Social Distance. These are norms given by our Health Professionals. In Maharashtra recently Covid Cases have been increased instead of Lockdown In Maharashtra Various places. 

As we know the whole country is facing lockdown in various stages. Many states other than Maharashtra also increased their lockdown dates seeing the current situation of covid cases. In order to tackle the situation Government of Maharashtra have decided to introduce the Maharashtra Lockdown E-Pass

How to apply for Maharashtra E Pass Online!

After you submit the application you will receive a notification on your registered mobile number for the approval process. Also after that, you can download the E-Pass from the URL!

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