Angelina Dimova Net Worth, Height, Tennis Profession, Age & Partner

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Angelina Dimova Age, To whom Angelina Dimova Dating Now, Net Worth Income

Angelina Dimova Net Worth, Height, Tennis Profession, Age & Partner

Name Angelina Dimova
Profession Tennis Player
Date of Birth April 4, 2001
Age 20
Birth Place Ukraine

Biography of Angelina Dimova

Angelina Dimova is a celebrity star tennis player who is also known as an actress and model. She takes a part in ITF junior tour. She is from Ukraine. She has a huge fan following on social media and fans are just crazy for her. She has around 449K followers on Instagram. Angelina Dimova posts selfie there and also posts some tennis videos. She is one of the richest tennis players in Ukraine. She is a big name in Ukraine.


Angelina Dimova Childhood and education

She is born on 4 April 2001 in Ukraine that makes her 20 years old. She lives with her family at an early age. She posts a picture on Instagram with her father in the year 2018. There is no information available about her family.


Angelina Dimova Career

At an early age, she was interested in hip hop and keep her dream fellow she becomes a world hip hop champion. She got featured in a music video in 2017. It was a KWOKWO video by big things. She becomes a very famous tennis player when she is just 20 years old.


Angelina Dimova Net worth

She is a very famous tennis player which is also working as a accretes and modal, so she makes good money. According to some report net worth of her is around $160 million.

Relationship status

According to the media, currently, she is single and not involved with anyone. Also, there is no information about her past relationships.


Question 1 How old are Angelina Dimova?

She was born 4 April 2001,it makes her 20 year old.

Question 2  Is Angelina Dimova is single?

 Yes, she is single according to media reports.

Question 3 What is the zodiac sign of Angelina Dimova.

Arise Is the zodiac sign of Angelina Dimova.

Question 4 what nationality Angelina Dimova does have.

She is from Ukraine and have nationality of Ukraine.

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